Second concertmaster (3rd chair), 80%, Enschede

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Het Gelders Orkest and Orkest van het Oosten
As of 1 September 2019, the Het Gelders Orkest and Orkest van het Oosten have formed one organisation. From the 2020-2021 season, we will continue as Phion: Orchestra of Gelderland and Overijssel. The orchestra is based in this region and will work from two locations: Arnhem and Enschede. With 128 permanent musicians, we form the largest professional symphony orchestra in the Netherlands. Our ambition is to become one of the most innovative and prominent orchestras in the Netherlands in the 2021-2024 arts and culture funding period, performing at the highest artistic level.
Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with live symphonic music through extensive diverse programming. From large symphonic repertoire to small-scale productions, from popular repertoire to exciting crossovers, an educational production or a new concert formula at a special location. We continue to innovate and search for new concepts and play productions with institutions such as opera, dance, and (youth)theatre.
Het Gelders Orkest and Orkest van het Oosten are looking for:
Second concertmaster (3rd chair), 80%, Enschede
The vacancy is for the position of 2nd concertmaster in Enschede. As 2nd concertmaster you will play on the 3rd chair, but you will play on the 2nd chair in selected programs as well.
As a member of our orchestra, you will work mainly in Enschede, but you will also regularly rehearse and perform in Arnhem and play throughout Gelderland and Overijssel and beyond. Your personal portfolio gives the possibility to take initiative for any type of activities within the orchestra.
You are an excellent violinist with distinguished qualities as well in orchestral repertoire, and chamber music. You have a professional and flexible work ethic and radiate enthusiasm on every stage. You are focused on enhancing and maintaining the orchestra’s mutual collaboration and development in close cooperation with (chief)conductor and leaders.
Audition: canceled due to coronavirus
Location: De Vereeniging, Nijmegen (NL)  
Closing date: March 19th 2020
1st round

Soloconcerten / Solo concertos:
1e ronde / 1st round: Mozart 4 of 5: 1e deel met cadens / Mozart 4 or 5: 1st movement with cadenza
2e ronde: Brahms/Sibelius/Tsjaikovski/Beethoven/Mendelssohn/Bruch: 1e deel met cadens
                    Brahms/Sibelius/Tchaikovsky/Beethoven/Mendelssohn/Bruch: 1st movement with cadenza
Orkestpartijen 1e ronde / Orchestra fragments 1st round
Tuttifragmenten / Tutti fragments:
W.A. Mozart – Symfonie nr. 39 (2 fragmenten) / Symphony no. 39 (2 fragments)
J.Brahms – Symfonie nr. 1 (2 fragmenten) / Symphony no. 1 (2 fragments)
R. Strauss – Don Juan
Soli / Solos:
J.S. Bach – Matthäus Passion, Gebt Mir

Orkestpartijen 2e ronde / Orchestra fragments 2nd round
Tuttifragmenten / Tutti fragments:
Beethoven - Symfonie nr. 9, fragment langzame deel / Symphony no. 9, slow movement
G. Mahler – Symfonie nr. 3, deel 2, cijfer 14-18, inclusief solo / Symphony nr. 3, 2nd movement, figures
    14-18 including solo
R. Schumann – Symfonie nr. 2, Scherzo / Symphony no. 2, Scherzo
M. Ravel – La Valse
S. Prokofjev – Symfonie nr. 1, deel 1 cijfer 1-12 / Symphony no. 1, 1st movement, figures 1-12
Soli / Solos:
J Bach - Mattheus Passion, Erbarme Dich
J. Brahms – Symfonie nr. 1 / Symphony no. 1
D. Sjostakovitsj – Symfonie nr. 5, beide soli / Symphony no. 5, both solos
Candidates who are directly permitted to play in the second round, have to prepare also the repertoire of the first round
Terms of Employment
  • An employment contract for an indefinite period of time with a probationary period of 1 year
  • Terms of contract, playing obligations, and remuneration according to Collective Labour Agreement.
  • The position is in Enschede (occasionally in Arnhem).

Selection procedure
  • If necessary, a pre-selection will be made based on the written applications
  • Selection will take place on the basis of an audition. If a candidate is nominated by the audition committee, there will be a selection interview. This involves looking at personality and communication skills required for this position;
  • Date of employment: to be negotiated
Before March 19th 2020 by filling out the applicationform in this link.
Extra information

On the same date/location there will also be an audition for 2nd concertmaster (2nd/1st chair).
It is possible to apply to both vacancies. For the first round you will then prepare the repertoire for the 2nd/1st chair and you will then be scored on both (2nd/1st and/or 3rd) positions.
For further questions or more information, please contact

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